Storming The Capital

Storming The Capital

Recent events have seen a rise of unrest in all portions of the United States, and with the atmosphere being as thick as its post-election, it comes as no shock that an event such as the Capitol riot occurred at such a climatic period in American history. Wit 2020 unanimously being a strenuous year for all parties, 2021 as of late has carried such unprecedented tension from the year prior and amplified them to international broadcast. Trump supporters made a declaration, as they proceeded to infiltrate federal property via the Capitol Building in a contradictory fashion to their previous viewpoints.

The riots that occurred on January 6, 2021 were eerily reminiscent of the only other Coupe d’Etat attempted on American soil, the Wilmington Insurrection. The morning of November 10, 1898 in Wilmington, North Carolina saw white supremacist rioting over the premise of a biracial government, which led to the killing of many black individuals. The two events share many parallels as they both signify an ugly display of bigotry and government obstruction via the motives of American white supremacy. The history taught in the books of the nearby region of North Carolina retold the story inaccurately in attempt to justify these rioters, quite similarly how some right wing media outlets failed to condemn the insinuating and rioting of Trump and his supporters present day.

The motives of the recent Capitol riots seems to ride along the premise that the presidential election was unjustly stolen from the previous President Donald J. Trump. While investigation disproves the claims of fraudulent election, white supremacist and the former President Donald Trump refused concession going as far as post election law suits against the Biden campaign. While trespassing and destroying federal property, Trump abstained from condemning these rioters, who in a contradictory fashion forced themselves into the Capitol through undermanned Capitol guards. The blatant bias Trump displays to the public towards these rioter in comparison to the Black Lives Matter rioters is glaring. If unarmed black citizens were to have stormed the Capitol that day, it goes without saying that a much different outcome wold be lying in store. Just as how the Wilmington Massacre of 1898 was an avant grade display of racism in America, the Capitol riots of 2020 perfectly display the systemic racism in the country.

US Capitol riot raises questions over racial 'double standard' in policing  | Financial Times

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